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Day Use Riders

Perfect For Roping, Cutting, and Barrel Racing Practice

Day Rider Information

  • Cost: $20 per horse or rider whichever is greater.
  • One release form per year, per individual must be filled out legibly and signed.​
  • We accept payment by cash, check, PayPal or Venmo. thorsonarena@gmail.com
  • Arena Rules:
    • No Dogs
    • No Smoking
    • No Turn Outs
    • No Stallions
    • No Alcohol
    • No cleaning out horse trailers in parking lot “if your horse does the poop, you do the scoop”
    • Do Not tie horses to arena panels
    • Children 10 & under must wear helmets when riding
    • Do not leave children unattended
    • Release forms must be signed before riding
    • Lessons are not permitted, arrangements must be made in advance.

 Time Slot Information

  • What is a time slot reservation? This gives you the ability to have our main covered roping arena to yourself!
  • Cost: $100.00 per hour for up to 3 riders.
  • Each additional rider is $20. * You may not swap one of the 3 riders for $100 * Any additional person after the initial 3 is a flat $20.
  • With your time slot you may use team roping boxes, barrels, and poles.
  • Lights: $30
  • Cowtrac: $50
  • Live Cattle available on request. Book in advance.
  • After 5pm cost: $120 per hour
  • We accept payment by cash, check or PayPal thorsonarena@gmail.com
  • Lessons are not permitted, arrangements must be in advance.